Membership Details

PSDA Mission Statement:

photo6The Pacific Southwest Distributors Association (PSDA) is a regional trade association affiliated with the American Supply Association (ASA), headquartered in Chicago, and is organized:

To provide accurate market-oriented data and information and to offer effective personnel education and training opportunities to enhance the profitability of member companies and associate-member manufacturers and their representatives in the wholesale distribution of plumbing, heating, cooling, and piping products.   And, within the ever-changing distribution environment, to promote Total Quality Management and business accomplishment through trust, advocacy, communication and networking together.

To promote membership development and assure that PSDA is representative of the  industry by size, geography and product classification.   Also, to increase awareness in the marketplace that member companies of PSDA are the best source of supply and practices for products and services distributed.

To encourage each member to set by example a high level of business ethics thereby providing a positive image for the industry.

To communicate accurately to the American Supply Association (ASA), the national organization, the unique regional needs of PSDA members, and to cooperate with ASA in accomplishing its objectives and goals within the PSDA region.

Historical Perspective

Since 1946, the primary objective of PSDA has been to provide a practical forum for the development and sharing of ideas to benefit each member company and to the advance the industry as a whole.

The association stresses the importance of effective communication among all industry entities, and seeks to provide timely problem-solving assistance and continuing educational opportunities to help members keep pace with technological advances and best-practices performance in the marketplace.

PSDA Membership…What’s in It for You?

Your industry colleagues who are members of PSDA are making a special effort this year  to invite nonmember wholesaler-distributors and suppliers to join the membership.

Here’s a  Brief Glimpse of What PSDA Membership in Affiliation with ASA Offers:

As a new member firm, two representatives from your company are eligible to attend the annual PSDA Convention in Indian Wells as our guests the first year.

Timely Member Communications Are at the Core of PSDA Services

Industry information is disseminated as merited to the membership on a timely basis.   The overall communication process focuses on providing practical information and data useful for improving the efficiency, productivity and profitability of individual member companies.

Communication electronically and via the old-fashioned way, the U.S. Mail, on such topics as environmental protection, OSHA, product liability, labor relations, taxation, the EEOC, consumer protection, the ICC, worker’s compensation insurance, energy, and internal security are just some of the areas addressed with the membership regularly to keep everyone up-to-date.    In particular, PSDA and ASA pay considerable attention to federal and state regulatory matters which may have a pronounced affect on various functions within our industry and on member-business productivity and profitability in general.

More About PSDA’s Relationship with the American Supply Association

PSDA maintains a close affiliation and liaison with the American Supply Association (ASA) in Chicago.   ASA is the one organization through which the leading wholesaler- distributors of plumbing, heating, cooling, piping products across the country can express their individual ideas and through which collectively they can address issues of national concern and make a difference.

ASA maintains a very active, industry-specific Government Affairs Program which keeps members abreast of how they can interact with key governmental officials to make their voice known.   Washington D. C. fly-ins to speak personally with legislative representatives and telephone contact campaigns are just part of an aggressive government relations program undertaken throughout the year, every year.

Education and research are also major components of ASA’s activity.   Generous contributions by industry distributors and suppliers in recent years have provided a $10 million endowment for developing a wide variety of educational programs and materials to train personnel and to improve management of all operational areas for increasing profits.

The ASA annual convention is hosted at a different geographical location each year. This annual forum allows distributors and their suppliers from all over the country to meet together, network and renew old acquaintances.   As a dual member of PSDA and ASA, convention participants register at a preferred member fee.

How to Join PSDA…

photo2Membership standards in PSDA and ASA are unusually high.   An applicant’s business ethics must be favorably established as well as a proven ability to meet financial obligations to suppliers and other parties within the industry.

Qualifications for Membership:

  1. Wholesaler-distributor applicants must be actively engaged in wholesale distribution and has have a sincere desire to contribute to the advancement of the industry and a willingness to work in harmony with fellow members to that end.
  2. Applicant must be an owner, partner or officer of a business concern primarily doing business as a stocking wholesaler-distributor in plumbing, heating, cooling supplies, and/or pipe, valves and fittings for a period of not less than one (1) year within the territory of  PSDA as defined by the By-Laws.  (So. California, So. Nevada, Arizona and Utah.)
  3. Applicant’s warehousing facilities, merchandise inventory and equipment must be adequate to assure satisfactory service and out-of -stock delivery in wholesale quantities to customers.
  4. Applicant’s primary source of supply must be from established manufacturers of plumbing, heating, cooling supplies, and /or pipe valves and fittings.
  5. Applicant shall not be considered a “wholesaler-distributor,” or eligible for membership, if distribution is primarily to the general public, which is normally serviced by “retailers.”   Applicant’s customers of its distributed products must be among the following:
    1. Licensed plumbing, heating, air conditioning, sprinkler or mechanical             contractors.
    2. Established retailers of plumbing, heating and cooling products and/or pipe, valves and fittings.
    3. Industrial establishments, including manufacturing plants, hotels, public buildings, school districts, colleges and universities, public utilities, and other recognized establishments employing maintenance personnel.
    4. Government and/or public institutions.
  6. All applicants are to be referred to the PSDA Membership Committee for preliminary review.   Approval will then be by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the Board of Directors.

Contact PSDA at 480/991-5703 or to receive an application form

Additional Information About Member Classifications and Governance

Voting Wholesaler-Distributor Members

Any person who is an owner, partner or officer of a company doing  business as a stocking wholesaler-distributor in the plumbing, heating, cooling and piping industry, for a period of not less that one (1) year in the PSDA regional area, may apply for membership.  An application for membership must be submitted for approval by the PSDA Board of Directors.

Associate Members

Any person, partnership or corporation regularly engaged in the manufacturing and sale of products to PSDA member distributors for resale, either directly or through an independent sales representative, may apply for Associate Membership.

Dues and Assessments

Distributor Member (Voting) dues are pro-rated based on the annual volume of billed sales for plumbing, heating, cooling, piping products.   Dues are billed monthly.

Associate Members pay one annual membership fee, set by the PSDA Board of Directors


The governing body of the Association is the Board of Directors, consisting of a president, vice president, treasurer, immediate vice president and an executive vice president, who serves as the primary staff manager.  Officers and directors are elected annually by the voting members.